Using Leftover Grape Leaves to Make Delicious Yogurt Pie


Reader Becca asks:  I made and loved Grilled Salmon in Grape Leaves with Caper-Lemon Sauce from your cookbook, but now have a half-jar of grape leaves left over. I don’t have time to stuff and roll them. Do you have any ideas for using up the leaves?

Individual Yogurt Pies in Grape LeavesAn easy and delicious way to use extra grape leaves is as the outside “crust” of yogurt pie. Custardy herb and yogurt filling is encased in tangy grape leaves instead of layers of butter-rich filo. Grape leaves impart their exceptional flavor to the filling as it bakes.

This simple recipe goes together in minutes, tastes great, and can be eaten warm or cold, making it a terrific dish for potlucks. I’m bringing it to Easter dinner.

Yogurt Pie in Grape Leaves is not well known in Greece, being made only in the Drama Region of Greece’s Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, where it’s known as Asmapita (Ασμάπιτα). The name comes from the Turkish word “Asma,” which means “grapevine,” though a similar dish made in Turkish areas of Northern Cyprus and Turkey’s Aegean coast is known as Kibris Böreği.

Thank you Becca for reminding me about Grilled Salmon in Grape Leaves; it’s one of my favorite recipes. We hadn’t had it in way too long, but made it tonight and really enjoyed it.

In addition to the grilled salmon and two recipes for stuffed grape leaves, Tastes Like Home: Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska (the cookbook I wrote as a fundraiser for Alaska’s only Greek Orthodox Church) has a recipe for Fresh Beans and Potatoes baked in a grape-leaf-lined pot. That recipe would be another great use for your leftover leaves.

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8 Responses to Using Leftover Grape Leaves to Make Delicious Yogurt Pie

  1. i think i like the muffin ones best – when we make stuffed grape leaves, we always eat them with yoghurt, so this is a great idea

  2. Laurie, a resourceful recipe and idea for those leftover grape leaves. I’m with the Maria, the muffin ones look best. Kali Anastasti!

  3. I like the muffin idea too! It is hard for me to find grape leaves where I live right now, but I can’t wait to try this out this summer:)

  4. So creative! I love your little pies in cupcake holders. I will have to make this. Sure beats rolling up dolmathes… which I am too scared to do.

  5. Incredible, never heard of this before and would love to try. I just bought a huge bag of grape leaves from the souk which I am storing in stacks in the freezer. Time to defrost them.

  6. Very good, thank you! Because I was scrambling to get rid of my grape leaves I used what I had on hand – half the dill you recommend, a few chives instead of green onions, and a combo of greek yogurt and kefir since I had no regular yogurt on hand. I also added a tad of lemon juice since I had some extra from the dolmathes I had been making. The texture probably suffered from not having green onions on hand, but even so it came out delish.

    Thanks again for the recipe! I would never in a million years have thought of mixing up these ingredients together and they tasted great.

  7. Teeny Metcalfe says:

    Roshi asked what type of yogurt you use for this (brand). We should cook a meal together. She brought some persian food in the other day that was to die for. Good job Laurie, the web site and recipes are awesome.

    • Teeny, I prefer Pavel’s Original Russian Yogurt, which is excellent – I get it at Natural Pantry. If I don’t have time to go there, I usually get Stonyfield Organic.

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