Alaska Specialty Markets

My goal is a complete and accurate listing of Alaska specialty, ethnic, and gourmet markets and purveyors. The listings are Anchorage-centric because that’s where I live. I’d greatly appreciate suggestions for listings outside the Anchorage area (or for additional listings in Anchorage). To submit additions or corrections to the listings, contact me.



10th & M Seafoods, 1020 M Street & 301 Muldoon Rd., Anchorage – fresh and frozen seafood of all kinds

A/C Oriental Market, 5905 Lake Otis Parkway #5, Anchorage

Alaska African & Middle Eastern Market, 715 E. 15th Ave., Anchorage – African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, American, East European, & Mediterranean spices and foods including halal meats

Alaska Halal Grocery, 401 W. International Airport Rd. #23, Anchorage – African, Middle Eastern, Indian, & Pakistani grocery, halal meats including frozen goat meat

Anzilotti’s Tuscan Market, 750 W. Dimond Blvd., Suite 109, Anchorage – Italian grocery, meats, cheese, house-made prepared foods

Eastern European Deli, 601 W. 36th#1, Anchorage – Russian, Polish & Eastern European grocery, meats, cheeses, rustic breads baked on site, house-made prepared foods including bags of frozen pelmini and pierogi

Fire Island Rustic Bake Shop, 1343 G Street, Anchorage – artisan organic bakery selling crusty traditional breads, sweet and savory pastries, cookies, and fairly traded organic coffee from K-Bay Caffe in Homer

Fromagio’s Artisan Cheese, 1120 O’Malley Centre Drive, Anchorage – artisan cheeses from around the world, hand-crafted salumi, savory jams and chutneys, small-farm dried fruits and nuts, and chocolates

Hana Market, 5011 Artic Blvd #I, Anchorage

Juba Halal Market, 5440 E Northern Lights, Anchorage – A variety of African, Middle-Eastern, and Indo-European foods as well as full kosher and full halal meats

Lucky Market, 5011 Arctic Blvd. Suites C & D, Anchorage – Asian groceries and goods

Mexico Lindo, 1201 W. Tudor Rd., Suite A, Anchorage

Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge, 751 E. 36th Street & 423 G Street, Anchorage – hand-crafted artisan truffles, chocolate bars from around the world, raw, organic, and vegan chocolate

Mr. Prime Beef, 7521 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage – Custom butchers selling all cuts of beef, pork, lamb, goat, poultry, rabbit, and smoked meats.

Natural Pantry, 3801 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage – large selection of organic and gourmet foods, including local organic eggs and frozen organic meats and poultry

New Central Market, 555 W. Northern Lights Blvd. Suite 100, Anchorage – wide selection of Asian groceries and goods, including Indian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino and Thai food items

Noa’s Family Polynesian Store, 506 E. Fireweed Lane, Anchorage

Quality Tropical African, 360 Boniface Pkwy., Anchorage

Red Apple Market, 131 S. Bragaw Street, Anchorage – Erratic selection of hard to find Hispanic and Asian groceries

Rise & Shine Bakery, a variety of whole-grain, slow-rise sourdough breads sold in winter by pre-order through website and weekly e-mail bulletins and in summer at Saturday South Anchorage Farmers’ Market.

Sagaya Markets, 3700 Old Seward Highway & 900 W. 13th Ave., Anchorage – ethnic cuisine ingredients including all Asian cuisines, specialty foods, gourmet grocery, fresh produce, choice meats including offal and specialty cuts, fresh and frozen seafood of all kinds

Sagaya Wholesale, 1101 Whitney Road, Anchorage – the only source for uni in Anchorage; also sells quail eggs

Summit Spice & Tea Co., 1120 Huffman Road #1, Anchorage – premium loose-leaf tea, spices, herbs, house blends & rubs, oils, vinegars and other specialty food products

Taco Loco, 600 W. International Airport Blvd. – fresh made corn and flour tortillas, flavored tortillas, corn chips, taco shells, tamales, burritos, dried chilies, and Hispanic canned goods

Teddy’s Tasty Meats, 6123 Mackay Street, Anchorage – Greek olive oil, Kalamata olives. Wholesale supplier of seafood, meats, cheeses.



Eastern European Deli, 300 W. Swanson Ave. #110, Wasilla – Russian, Polish & Eastern European grocery, meats, cheeses, rustic breads baked on site, house-made prepared foods including bags of frozen pelmini and pierogi

Glacier Dietary Foods & Fitness, 1301 S. Seward Meridian Parkway, Suite C, Wasilla – gluten-free, organic, bulk, vegan, and Kosher products