Mediterranean Food Blogs

There are thousands of wonderful Mediterranean food blogs; this is a list of some I particularly enjoy reading. If readers think other Mediterranean food blogs should be on the list, I’d love to hear about them. To submit additions or corrections to the list, or to request changes in the descriptions or pictures I’ve used in the list, please contact me.


A Foodie Froggy in Paris A Foodie Froggy in Paris: Anne is French, lives in Paris, but blogs in English about cooking and travel. Through her recipes, Anne opens the door to the food scene in Paris, its chefs, its markets, and its cookbooks, as well as to the many places Anne travels in France, Europe, and the world.
Chicho's Kitchen Chicho’s Kitchen: Cherine (Chicho) is Lebanese and lives in Paris; her blog a recipe journal where she sets out the food that intersects her daily life. Chicho serves up a delicious Mediterranean combination plate of French and Middle Eastern fare.
My French Kitchen My French Kitchen: Ronelle has a French kitchen in Touraine, on the banks of the river Loire. She writes: “Life in a kitchen is an everyday audition and My French Kitchen is a telltale of my surrender to the failures, the successes, the hitches and pleasures, the philosophical talks and the always joyous gatherings that life in a kitchen forks out.”



Authentic Greek Recipes Authentic Greek Recipes: Maria Avionitou, who comes from a family of chefs, prepares traditional Greek dishes from recipes used in the home by local mothers and grandmothers, and her husband writes down the recipes.
Eat Greek Eat Greek – Simple Greek Recipes: Livya is from Greece and writes her blog to help Greek food lovers learn to cook Greek food in their homes for friends and family.
Food Junkie Not Junk Food Food Junkie Not Junk Food: Ioanna Dimopoulou lives in Athens and writes a bilingual food blog, in English and Greek. Ioanna’s recipes range from traditional and modern Greek cuisine to a variety of international specialties, all of which are beautifully styled and photographed.
History of Greek Food History of Greek Food: Mariana Kavroulaki is a food historian, who also studies the sociology of food consumption. She is from Crete, but now lives in Athens for most of the year. Her fascinating blog contains a “buffet” of Greek culinary history and food stories.
Kali Orexi Kali Orexi, Decidedly Greek, Always Delicious: Maria lives in the US, but her family is from the Greek island of Kalymnos. She writes about traditional Greek recipes of her mother, grandmothers, and aunts, and the international recipes that give color to her modern life. Maria says her passion for cooking allows her readers a glimpse into her soul.
Kalofagas Kalofagas: Peter is a Canadian of Greek descent, who lives in Toronto. He loves Greece, travels there regularly, and writes widely about Greek cuisine, traditional and modern. If something is happening in the Greek food world, odds are Peter knows all about it.
My Little Baklava My Little Baklava: Yannis Mameletzis, host of the PBS series The Cooking Odyssey, writes about his adventures in Greek and anything gastronomy, with an ounce of science and politics thrown in.
My Little Expat Kitchen My Little Expat Kitchen: Magda is from Athens, Greece, but now lives in the Netherlands. She features traditional Greek recipes on her blog, as well as modern international fare.
Organically Cooked Organically Cooked: Maria Verivaki is a native New Zealander of Greek descent who married a Greek and has lived on Crete for many years. When she started her blog, it was mostly to write about Cretan cuisine from the city of Hania, focusing on organic produce and wild greens. While her blog still contains recipes, it also contains Maria’s wonderful stories chronicling the daily life of her Cretan friends and family as told through the food they eat.
Souvlaki for the Soul Souvlaki for the Soul: Peter is an Australian of Greek descent, who lives in Sydney and travels widely around the world and Australia. He is a skilled photographer and food stylist, and his posts are inspirational for both artistic and culinary reasons. Though Peter’s recipes reflect his world travels, his Greek roots and sensibilities always inform his cooking.
Sweet Almond Tree Sweet Almond Tree: Ana writes about simple cooking, mostly Greek, using fresh ingredients and herbs and spices native to the Mediterranean. She lives in Philadelphia.



Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino-Italian Culinary Adventures: Eleonora in Rome, Italy is an American-born, Italian-raised food and travel writer. On her blog she shares stories, information about local ingredients, travels tips, and recipes.
Briciole Briciole: Simona is an Italian transplanted in California. She posts recipes and writes about Italian food cultures, language, and history.
Frutto Della Passione: Joanne Natale’s blog is about, “living a well-fed life; food and all things culinary in an Italian setting.” She lives in Milan, cooks and writes about traditional Italian food which she points out is “more than spaghetti and pizza.”
The Italian Dish The Italian Dish-Cooking Fresh & Showing You How: Elaine’s lives in Michigan; her mother was from Italy and passed on the love of feeding people. Through recipes and gorgeous pictures on her blog she teaches her readers how to cook Italian food.


Suzy Eats Suzy Eats – Healthy Mediterranean Foods and Desserts: Suzanne Rabi Soliman lives in Chicago and blogs about healthy Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.
The Sun Cuisine The Sun Cuisine: Kelthum writes about Mediterranean cuisine from North Africa to southern Europe to the Middle East, with recipes inspired by all the different flavors Kelthum experienced when traveling and living abroad.

Mediterranean in Spirit

Kalyn Kalyn’s Kitchen: Kalyn Denny shares recipes combining her love for delicious home-cooked food with a commitment to healthy, lower-glycemic eating. Her blog features the kind of easy-but-interesting recipes that helped her lose over 40 pounds on the South Beach Diet in 2004.
Kim Sunee Kim Sunee, Food, Travel, Words: Former food editor and best-selling author of Trail of Crumbs, Kim Sunee writes about her food and travel adventures and shares her inspirational photographs.
Lydia Walshin The Perfect Pantry: Lydia Walshin lives in Rhode Island, in a small log house with a great kitchen, where she teaches cooking classes and gathers groups of friends to cook together. Lydia has been a food writer for 20 years and has been writing The Perfect Pantry since June 2006.

Middle Eastern

Anissa Helou Anissa Helou: The author is a food writer, cooking teacher, and twice a year leads culinary tours to Syria, Turkey & Morocco. She grew up in Beirut and spent summers at her father’s ancestral home in Syria. She blogs about her travels and the food she encounters along the way.
Desert Candy Desert Candy: Mercedes lives in Washington DC, writes about her kitchen adventures making Middle Eastern food, and includes many interesting recipes with helpful photo-illustrations.
Hommus with Tabbouli Hommus with Tabbouli: Mag is American-Lebanese and now lives in Stuttgart where she writes about Lebanese cuisine. She travels regularly to Lebanon to take care of family agricultural properties, primarily in olive oil production.
Orange Blossom Water Orange Blossom Water: Dimah was born and raised in Syria and writes about Syrian cuisine. She says her you will “never find her dishes and techniques in cookbooks because Syrians learn recipes from their mothers and grandmothers not from books or chefs.”
Syrian Foodie in London Syrian Foodie in London: All Kano’s life he wanted to be a chef, but “as a true Syrian, he ended up a surgeon.” Now he writes about Syrian food, and shares traditional recipes with his readers.
Taste of Beirut Taste of Beirut: Lebanese Recipes for Home Cooking: Joumana grew up in Beirut in the 60s and 70s; her grandmother was in charge of cooking. Though she has lived in the US for 30 years, her passion for Lebanon is unabated. Her blog digs into traditional Lebanese cuisine, especially rural recipes that are being rediscovered, to show how healthy, delicious, and varied it is.
Turmeric & Saffron Turmeric & Saffron: Ancient Persian cooking with a modern twist; Azita lives in New York but uses the same traditional Persian recipes that she learned from her mother.
West of Persia West of Persia: West of Persia is a cooking and recipe blog exploring the cuisines of Iran and other countries of the Middle East. Bria lives in the US, but her family is from Iran. She educates readers on Middle Eastern cuisines, exploring classic recipes and new creations, and attempts to simplify recipes, whenever possible.

North African

Libyan Food Libyan Food: This blog is all about the food cooked in the modern Libyan kitchen: based on the traditional Shargawi and Gharbawi, Amazigi and South Libyan cuisines.
Simplicity's Table by the Sea Simplicity’s Table by the Sea: Writing from Algeria, the author describes food from her table, along with some tidbits about the traditions and culture behind it. Her blog captures the “Essence of the Mediterranean: Fiendishly simple yet balanced appreciation for life, the pleasures of food and creating a core of warmth around the table.”


My Kitchen in Spain My Kitchen in Spain: Janet Mendel is an American born journalist and cookbook author who has lived in southern Spain for many years. She blogs about Spanish food and home cooking, live from her kitchen and garden, telling you what she’s eating, where she’s eating and how to cook it—with Spanish style.
Olive Me Olive Me-A Lover of Spain Eats Her Heart Out: Though the author trained as a chef in Barcelona, she is not a chef, rather she is “a serious eater, involved in a 25-year love affair with Spanish food.” She writes about traditional Spanish food, her nerves having been shredded by molecular gastronomy.



Almost Turkish Recipes Almost Turkish Recipes: Burcu is a Turkish food enthusiast, born and raised in Turkey, now living in the US. Her blog includes almost and traditionally Turkish recipes, as well as recipes inspired by Turkish cuisine.
My Turkish Kitchen My Turkish Kitchen: The author was born and raised in Turkey, but now lives in Houston, where she writes about traditional Turkish cooking. The recipes from Kilis, the author’s hometown near the Syrian border in Southeastern Turkey, are particularly interesting.
Turkish Cuisine Turkish Cuisine: Hulya was born in a large town on the Mediterranean coast of Southern Turkey. She’s an English teacher who lived in the US, but returned to Turkey where she blogs about traditional Turkish cooking.
Turkish Food Passion Turkish Food Passion: Nihal grew up in southern Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. She created her blog to share recipes for the foods she grew up cooking and eating.