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Matt's Famous Breakfast with 45-minute Fried Potatoes; Dolly Wonders Whether She Will Get Her Share

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The Fantastic Mr. Feedbag


Fourth generation Alaskans Leo Helmar (aka Mr. Feedbag) and his sister Patrice Aphrodite Helmar


Juneau, Alaska


Leo’s pithy reviews of Juneau eateries started the blog, but it’s mostly been taken over by Patrice, who cooks and photographs delicious edibles in a tiny 7th Street kitchen overhanging Juneau’s Evergreen Bowl. Patrice’s cooking style is eclectic; her roots in vegetarianism are evident but her blog includes a mighty fine pulled pork recipe and other meaty fare, and she delights in cooking Juneau’s abundant fresh fish.  Her endeavors are overseen by partner Matt and Dolly the Wonder Dog. Patrice occasionally channels her Greek grandmother.

Must Try:

Organic Orange Household Cleaner, Patrice is making organic household cleaner with orange peels and vinegar, and warns it “can melt plastic if used at full strength.” It sounds scary, but it sure is pretty. I want to try it immediately. Diluted, of course. And while wearing gloves.


Soylent Green Hot Sauce (with jalapeño, pasilla, and serrano chiles)
Wilted Kale with White Beans and Blue Cheese
Iron Skillet Rockfish Tagine

Favorite Quotes:

“I come from a long line of master meatball makers. When my parents would make spaghetti, my mom was the sauce maker and dad was in charge of the meatballs. For many years I was a vegetarian, meatballs were of great cultural importance, so dad insisted on making me riceballs. … At our current family dinner table, when my mom makes meatballs we honor [my] departed [dad] by teasing her, ‘these aren’t as good as dad’s were.’ It’s a very Greek thing to say and I think it would make him smile.” From Turkey Keftedes with Shallot Tzatziki Sauce

“Can we talk about how dangerous the springform pan is? It’s a grenade waiting to go off in your hand! I mixed up all the ingredients, gingerly pouring them into the pan with a deep smug satisfaction. I hastily grabbed the sides of the pan and opened the oven, only to have half of the filling spill out of an open side of the pan. … I’m not sure I’ve ever been so upset in my life. Sure, people die, natural disasters happen, but losing half of a cheesecake? I went through the seven stages of grief several times over, cursing, cleaning, and pushing my dog away from her foiled attempt at what might well have been the best scavenging score in the history of the world.” From Huckleberry Cheesecake

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