Tasty Mediterranean Tart Keeps for Days


Workmen have been at the house for a week replacing our ancient furnaces with a new boiler. For the last five hours they’ve been struggling to run long lengths of pipe through a narrow opening in the basement ceiling’s sheetrock. The sound made by repeatedly pounding and banging on metal ductwork is impressively loud.

When the men left for lunch, blissful silence briefly returned. I took the opportunity to eat in peace, and enjoyed the last piece of Red Pepper and Tapenade Tart for lunch. Three days in the refrigerator and it still tasted terrific; this recipe’s a keeper.

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14 Responses to Tasty Mediterranean Tart Keeps for Days

  1. Peter G says:

    Capsicums (or bell peppers as you folks say!) combined with the olive tapenade makes this a truly delicious dish Laurie. Wonderful pairing of two of my favourite ingredients.


    being a pie-lover, i was savouring your tart just from the photo…

  3. Peter M says:

    Welcome back Laurie, the home renos should be over soon. The tart grabs one attention and I echo Peter’s sentiments…olive and red pepper…delightful.

    Also, if you want a more Greek way to say Tapanade, I seen “πάστα ελιάς” also used.

  4. Maryann says:

    It looks delicious Laurie! Thanks for the beautifully kind words you left on my blog.
    Maryann xox

  5. Mike of Mike's Table says:

    Oh this sounds delicious! I don’t know how you had any leftovers 😉

  6. Looks like your new computer is purring away beautifully…not that you can hear it over the workmen, maybe! ; )

    This tart looks like a perfect summer meal, with or without that very grown-up mac salad you posted earlier. Or maybe plasto, too — we need do-ahead meals that keep well now. Can’t wait to see more from your garden too!

  7. Peter G, I always laugh when I read capsicum and am really enjoying learning about other countries’ cooking terminology.

    Maria, pies are perhaps my favorite food.

    Peter M, thanks for the welcome and even more for the translation tip.

    Thanks Maryann!

    Mike, there were leftovers, but they didn’t last long. The tart was delicious cold, by the way.

    Manju, it’s been an adjustment. You don’t realize the extent to which you have customized your computer until you start over agin on a machine with none of the adjustments. I figure it’s good for my character. You’ll see more of my garden if it ever warms up – we’re having a record cold summer caused by cold ocean off the coast of Peru (called La Nina). The good news is the greens are loving te weather and absolutely flourishing.

  8. I know what you mean about silence. I can’t tolerate noise. This tart is just gorgeous. Glad to see you back blogging again.

  9. Sam Sotiropoulos says:

    Oh. What a beautiful looking pepper pie. The use of the red peppers and the olive tapenade sounds like a winning combination to be sure! Very nice Laurie. 🙂

  10. Lisa, I’m glad I’m not the only noise adverse person in the world. Thanks for the welcome back – the break was revitalizing.

    Sam, thank you!

  11. This looks so delicious, Laurie. I’ve never thought to put tapenade in a tart. What a great idea!

  12. ohhh, this tart looks so delicious!! I love eating savoury tarts but I have never made one before. I feel overwhelmed by all the steps involved. And I also do not enjoy having to clean up the kitchen afterwards. LOL

  13. Yummie, I would like have a piece of it right know, and I’ve just eaten lunch. 😉

    About the noise I know what you mean it can be very annoying, our neighbour build a house during 3 years!

  14. Elly, thank you!

    Bijoux, yes I know what you mean about cleaning the kitchen, but when I know how good something will take its worth the extra effort. I know it’s heretical, but you could always try making it with a store-bought pie crust and a jar of olive paste….

    Zorra, 3 years of house construction next door?? You must have nerves of steel!

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