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It’s Summer! It’s Hot. Where’s the Ice Cream?

Rhubarb-Crystallized Ginger Sorbet. Photography by Laurie Constantino


Summer! Mosquitoes! Hot & Sweaty! Earthquake! Is it the apocolypse?

Maybe. Apocolypse or no, the garden is coming into its own and its bounty must be used. We’ve had a bumper crop of gorgeous red rhubarb. I want to turn it into something cold enough to get my mind off bugs ...

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Blog of the Week: Arctic Garden Studio

Arctic Garden Studio Roses and Rhubarb

Blog of the Week: Arctic Garden Studio: A Fairbanks Food, Art, and Garden Journey

Writer: Nicole Pearce

Where: Fairbanks, Alaska in a “quintessential Alaska Cabin, with one exception…running water and indoor plumbing.”

What:  Arctic Garden Studio is Nicole’s canvas for portraying the beauty and challenges of living in Interior Alaska.  Her recipes reflect ...

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