Eggs Rockefeller with Dandelion Greens and Hollandaise

Eggs Rockefeller with Dandelion Greens and HollandaiseLiving so far from our families, we’re nostalgic on Mother’s Day. We call and send flowers, but always wish we could be together in one place. To feel closer to our mothers, we do something special on Mother’s Day.

Last Sunday, we celebrated by making Eggs Rockefeller with Dandelion Greens and Hollandaise. To toast our mothers, we had Bloody Marys (one of them virgin, one not), the perfect drink for eggs served with buttery hollandaise.

If you’ve never tried dandelion greens, they have wonderful flavor when picked before the flower buds form. For information about gathering dandelions and other wild greens, go to my How to Harvest Wild Greens post.

For those who don’t have the time or inclination for dandelions, use spinach instead, the green used in many “Rockefeller” preparations. If you don’t like spinach, use Swiss chard. Or nettles. Or whatever leafy greens strike your fancy.

Hollandaise sauce is a breeze to make in a blender. For as long as I’ve been cooking, I’ve used the blender hollandaise recipe in The Joy of Cooking (a classic American cookbook) that was given me when I first moved out on my own. This recipe has never failed; it makes perfect hollandaise every time.

Be sure to check out the recipes mentioned in this post:


12 Responses to Eggs Rockefeller with Dandelion Greens and Hollandaise

  1. Peter M says:

    Laurie, eat all the dandelions that you can…from my reading the summer ones get tough, spring is the time for them.

    As for keeping Hollandaise sauce hot…place it in a thermos (old restaurant trick).

  2. Peter G says:

    What a nice way to include dandelions in a breakfast dish. That hollandaise recipe looks too easy. I remember watching chefs, meticulously cutting cubes of butter and then having a double boiler ready and it took forever…will def have to give it a try Laurie.

  3. Great use for greens! I too use the blender hollandaise recipe from the old Joy of Cooking.

    For some reason it’s never occured to me to grind fennel seeds, even though I love their licorice flavor. You’ve given me some ideas….:-)


    great combination – eggs with greens. I’ve figured that this is the best way to eat eggs; greens as a salad, or greens as an addition when they are being cooked

  5. Good idea to use dandelion greens instead of spinach! Mmmm, hollandaise sauce….

    Are Eggs Rockefeller pretty much the same as Eggs Florentine? Is it the greens that define them?


    P.S. Very clever to use a thermos to keep hollandaise hot, Peter M. (But how to clean the thermos afterward? AND more important, how to make sure that you have gotten all the hollandaise out of the thermos)

  6. Riana Lagarde says:

    would you believe that i made this for mothers day too? well with spinach and white wine hollendaise. we are always thinking alike, must be the MEd connection!

    all the best,

  7. I eat eggs practically every day. Yes, I like them that much. They are so versatile and a good choice for vegetarians. A nice mother’s day treat.

  8. This sounds like a very delicious breakfast! (Will have to try the hollandaise method sometime.)

  9. PeterM, yes the best dandelions are in the spring but since they reseed all summer (at least around here) you can actually find some sweet ones later in the year. The thermos trick is a good one, especially if you are cooking for a crowd. For 2, it’s just as easy to make it at the last minute (can you tell I’m always looking for a way to avoid dirtying more dishes?).

    PeterG, the blender method definitely turns hollandaise into something you don’t need kitchen skills to do.

    LuLU, glad I’m not the only reader of the old Joy of Cooking! As for freshly crushed fennel seeds, they’re a wonderful flavor booster.

    Maria, I don’t think there is a greens and eggs dish in existence that I wouldn’t love. Yum.

    Elizabeth, florentine/rockefeller – I don’t know that there’s a difference. In my mind it’s the fennel that turns florentine into rockefeller. However, I’ve read that the original rockefeller (oysters) was made with parsley not spinach. So call it whatever you want – it’ll taste good either way! 🙂

    Riana, go Med!

  10. I love dandelions and I posted the 2 recipes I know how to make, but I will definitely try this one. Thanks 🙂

  11. Mag, I just checked out your dandelion recipes and they look really great – and I’ll definitely be trying them!

  12. I love hollandaise sauce even though it may not be the most slimming choice for someone watching their calorie consumption 😀 I also really like the dandelion greens option as an alternative to spinach greens.

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