Shockingly Good Devil’s Club Pickles

Devil's Club Pickles with Bloody Mary

Devil’s Club Pickles with Bloody Mary

“Shockingly good,” Alex pronounced.

I walked through SteamDot Coffee with a jar of Devil’s Club Pickles in hand. I intended to show them to my table-mate, but detoured to offer Alex a bite. His opinion perked me right up.

It isn’t devil’s club season anymore. Even so, I’m over-excited about my new pickles and can’t wait until next year’s season to write about them.

Devil’s Club Pickles have a unique, sophisticated flavor, and are easy as pie to make. Harvest and clean the devil’s club shoots, layer in a sterilized jar with basil and garlic, then cover with hot champagne or white wine vinegar. Let set a couple weeks and they’re ready to eat. That’s it: an exciting, energizing, “shockingly good” wild pickle. What could be better?

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