Giveaway: NewMetro Rose Line: ZestN’est, JuiceLab & Mixer Mate (CLOSED)

NewMetro Design is generously sponsoring a wonderful giveaway of three products from its NewMetro Design Rose™ Collection of Home Baking and Cooking Tools: a ZestN’est, a JuiceLab, and a MixerMate.

Award-winning cookbook author and baker, Rose Levy Berenbaum, explained why she partnered with NewMetro to bring these three tools to market: “Beginning with … the BeaterBlade, which I believe is the most significant invention and improvement to baking since the stand mixer or food processor, Gary [Fallowes] and his ace team have greatly impressed me. Not only do they develop brilliant product concepts, they also possess the integrity to test their products meticulously until each one is perfected and meets every criterion of excellence.”

The winner has been selected, and this Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to barbara gruenstein. The list of past Giveaway winners is available here.